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Twenty-Six Lists - Vacation Destinations

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Welcome to Twenty-Six Lists! I hope you'll join me in this simple link-up, where I share a writing prompt for some kind of list, and invite you to share what's on your list. Your list can be very simple or include lots of explanation; short or long; a bullet point list or essay style. Interpret the list prompts however you like, depending on how much time you have to spend, and how much background you'd like to share. 

(I'm sorry to be sharing this so late! I thought I'd have lots of time on the weekend to prep posts for this week, and I just did not.)

For many of us, it's vacation season! Whether you're planning this summer's fun, thinking ahead to an upcoming getaway, or dreaming about possibilities for future travel, this week's list is all about vacation destinations. Share your favorites, the spots your family returns to again and again, or what's on your travel wishlist. Or a combination! 

Vacation Destinations:

The place we've returned to again and again for vacation, and always look forward to visiting is Florida. No passport needed, it's within driving distance for us, and there's so much to see and do for all ages and interests! We used to take our kids, of course, and spend most of our time at Disney World, which we love. But one year we decided to do Florida without doing theme parks and it was one of our family's favorite vacations. We visited St Augustine, Daytona Beach, Miami, Everglades, and the Florida Keys, and wished we had more time! It's been a few years since we've been there, with our last visit being when our daughter was entering her senior year of high school, but that was another favorite vacation. Just the three of us, and we missed having the rest of the family there, but it was a great way to experience Disney World again.

Another destination I can't imagine getting tired of is the Rocky Mountains. Specifically Banff National Park, but I think I can include some of the other great parks in the mountains like Glacier and even Yellowstone. I grew up in Calgary, so there were a lot of day trips to Banff, but even so, there are more trails and areas I have yet to explore, and the incredible beauty of the place never gets old.

I absolutely loved our trip to Atlantic Canada years ago and would love to go back. Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick were amazing, and I'd like to have more time to explore Nova Scotia. I haven't been to Newfoundland yet and I'd really like to see it, so maybe someday!

Destinations on my Wishlist:

There are ever so many, so I'll name just a few that have been high on my list for a long time.

Aruba (or any of the Carribean islands, honestly - I've only been to the Bahamas)

What destinations are your favorites or do you most want to visit? Please share.

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