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Wednesday Quotes - Playing Tour Guide

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If you've read much here at A Fresh Cup, you might have noticed that I like to insert quotes into my writing. Especially when I write Five Minute Friday pieces. So when I stumbled across the Wednesday Quotes link-up hosted by Marsha at Always Write, it seemed really well-suited to me! Today is the first one I'm doing, and I'm still getting the hang of it, but I hope you'll enjoy coming along for this little tour.

I'll be your tour guide, because the theme for this week's WQ is "Be A Tour Guide Where You Love". And the word love isn't a typo. I'm still learning to love where I live now, having moved several months ago. I still love the places I'm from more than I love this place, to be honest. 

It is not necessary to go far and wide. I mean, you can really find exciting and inspiring things within your hometown. ~Darryl Hannah 

I grew up in Calgary, Alberta and lived there until 1993. I miss the place, and I miss the people there, so of course I'll include a couple of representative photos.

Banff - around an hour from Calgary, and part of 
home, as far as I'm concerned

My husband and I moved to southern New Jersey when our oldest wasn't quite a year old. We lived there for about three years, and grew to love it, although we didn't have enough time to get really attached.

 For not quite a year, we lived in Ocean City, NJ,
right at the south end of the boardwalk.
That was something I loved!

We moved to Maryland with our two little boys in the spring of 1997, and we lived there until this past fall. We added two more children to the family, and for the past twenty or so years, we lived in the same house, attended the same church, established longstanding friendships with people in that church and in our homeschool circles, as our kids literally grew up together.

My porch

My view

Our church above, and a few sights close to home.

Then we moved to Ohio in November, and when I say "we" I'm referring to my husband and myself. Our oldest son and his family were already living in this area, but our other three kids stayed in Maryland. In our house, actually. So we became empty nesters, and made a big move all at once. 

Serendipity was my tour guide, assisted by caprice. ~Pico Iyer

Our son has been very helpful in sharing about places they've explored in the Columbus area, but really we are our own tour guides as we learn about this place that we need to think of as home. We're trying to explore a little every weekend, try locally owned restaurants instead of sticking to chains, and figure out what there is to do and see. And to love about Ohio. 

Librarians are tour guides for all of knowledge. ~Patrick Ness

And accordingly, I found the local library right away!
Ohio's public library system is one of the best, if not
THE best in the nation.

The metro park system is a good one - lots of trails to walk!

The Columbus Museum of Art is free on Sunday afternoons.

We got a membership to the Dawes Arboretum.

We plan to visit the Franklin Park Conservatory often.

We have good paths to walk around our neighborhood as well, so I don't have any excuse for not walking!

If I live at the eastern horizon
or settle at the western limits,
even there your hand will lead me;
your right hand will hold on to me.
~Psalm 139:9-10~

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  1. I can empathize with you. We lived in the same house for almost 30 years. In fact, I traveled that road for over 37 years because the school I attended was on it. When we moved, I discovered, for the first time, I don't really like change. And, it's really, really difficult to make friends at this age! People here have known each other for ages and know everyone's backstory. I'm not excluded, but I definitely don't feel included. We recently moved into a condo community where we are on the younger end of the age spectrum. It's so weird to not see and hear little people running around. In fact, many of the neighbors jokingly refer to it as "Widow's Grove." I miss having my own true yard and being able to plant large gardens and composting...oh, how I miss composting! Isn't that weird? I love your posts as they make me reflect. I invite you to link up for the Traffic Jam Weekend.

    1. Yes, I agree - I'm surprised and yet not surprised at how difficult it is to make friends! And it is so very quiet at home without the pets and the constant busy-ness of a full household. I've begun considering getting a dog because I feel like we are the only people in the community - or the state! - without one! Haha

  2. I love all these photos and hearing about the various places you've lived.

    1. Thank you - it was a nice trip down memory lane to pull up some of the older ones

  3. Kym, you have a beautiful blog and your photos are tour guide perfect! Thanks for joining up with WQ. I appreciated the other Marsha's comment about compost. I loved my compost piles. It seemed like a constant work in progress. I grew up in Indianapolis, and I can't imagine moving back there after being on the beach, but you have a great attitude about moving inland! We made the move from CA to AZ, so inland but still warmish. You have some great water pictures, and have joined the Dawes Arboretum, which sounds wonderful. So there is a lot to do there. I look forward to seeing more of your posts! :)

    1. Thank you for your visit and kind comments! Our move hasn't been a huge number of miles but it's very different and I'm doing my best to stay positive (and patient!!) as we adjust! Looking forward to more WQ fun going forward!

  4. Thank you for sharing all the places you've lived, the last two photos of calgary storm clouds and banff were pretty. Fun fact. Both of my parents were born and raised in Northern Ohio, in Lorain. I still have a lot of family there. Two of my aunts moved back to ohio after my grandma passed away and they now live in Marblehead, while my other aunt lives across the lake on Kelley's island. She and her husband own and run The Crooked Tree Vineyard and tasting room. I'm planning a trip there in October to help with the harvest.

    I also loved the quotes you shared.

    1. Thank you for visiting and for sharing about your family connection to Ohio. If we visit the Kelley's Island area at some point I'll be sure to check out The Crooked Tree! We visited Marblehead several years ago on a vacation and really enjoyed it.

  5. Kym, thanks for sharing these quotes and stunning photos with Sweet Tea & Friends this month dear friend.


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