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Twenty-Six Lists - Around Town

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Welcome to Twenty-Six Lists! I hope you'll join me in this simple link-up, where I share a writing prompt for some kind of list, and invite you to share what's on your list. Your list can be very simple or include lots of explanation; short or long; a bullet point list or essay style. Interpret the list prompts however you like, depending on how much time you have to spend, and how much background you'd like to share. 

Has this ever happened to you? You mention to a friend that you visited a historical site or some other attraction in their hometown, and they say something like, "Y'know, I've lived here most of my life but I've never been there." I've been on both sides of that kind of conversation, and that's part of what prompted my list idea for this time around. What are the places or experiences that should be on the Must See or Must Do list in your hometown? It can be your childhood hometown, a place you lived in years ago, or the place you live now. Or a combination! 

When in central Ohio:

I'm still learning about all the things to do and see in and around the Columbus area, so if you're familiar with this part of the world, please leave me some ideas! Here are a few of the things we've discovered so far.

  • Columbus Metro Parks system - There is a great metro park system here in Columbus, and we made ourselves a checklist to see if we can work our way around all the parks and walk all the trails. It's a project we're working on a little at a time. One of the parks quite near to us, Blendon Woods, has some really nice trails and I've gone on a couple of guided walks there. Another park, Blacklick Woods, recently opened their new canopy walk, and we checked it out a couple weekends ago.


  •  Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens - I first enjoyed Franklin Park when we visited our son over the holidays several years ago and I chose the conservatory for my birthday outing. It was beautiful with all the poinsettias, holiday lights and decorations, and collection of Chihuly artwork. We visited again during the holidays, and then again on a summer vacation. And now we live here, so we've considered getting a membership. We've considered but haven't done it, but have visited a couple more times and highly recommend it.

  •  The Dawes Arboretum - This is where we opted to get a membership. The Dawes is in nearby Newark, and the membership was more affordable and practical for us. Miles of gardens and trails to walk, a lovely Japanese garden, and a great Christmas light walk. We were there a couple of times just recently to see David Rogers' Big Bugs.


  •  Columbus Zoo and Aquarium - A really great zoo! Our son and his family have been treated to a membership as a gift and they've been able to take us as guests, and we have really enjoyed it every time.


  •  Columbus Museum of Art - I mention this because we enjoyed our visit there and keep meaning to go back. It's a really interesting museum, and it offers free admission on Sundays so that's a great bonus! 

  •  The Book Loft in the German Village - You simply must visit if you love books! This is another place that became a favorite when we visited Columbus and is now a treat for me since moving here.


  •  Hocking Hills State Park - There are a lot of state parks in Ohio that we want to visit, but this one was first on the wishlist and did not disappoint, so I'm listing it as representative of the variety of state parks Ohio has to offer. I think most states have some fantastic state parks that are hidden gems. 

What should a visitor or newcomer make sure to experience in your neck of the woods? Please share.

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  1. I used to make lists and did check list when I went scuba diving, and another when I got material sorted for work, now I chill and forget all about them

    1. Lists can be so useful but we don't always need them, do we? I do need lists to keep track of some things, but for other things - like my blog - it's just fun! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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